New World talks up PvP reward track, a 3v3 arena feature, and Expedition group finder in dev video


The developers of New World have once more come together for a developer update video, which provided a bit of insight into current and future plans for the MMO, and as it turns out, a lot of those future plans are focused on PvP.

According to Creative Director David Verfaillie, the next major update to the game plans to be “really PvP focused,” with a PvP reward track that will grant XP towards ranks in the track and a currency known as PvP Salt for any PvP-related activity players take up, whether it’s instanced content, missions, open world kills, or the upcoming 3v3 arenas. On the subject of those arenas, these can be joined up either solo or in groups from the map, and pit two teams against one another in best-of-five matches for rewards.

Of course, there’s a major feature update for PvE players coming soon as well in the form of the Expedition Finder, which will work like any dungeon finder tool that’s ever existed in MMOs prior: The tool will let players declare their trinity role and seek to fill up slots with other needed roles, as well as set minimum levels and minimum gear score requirements; it’s in-game gatekeeping right at your fingertips!

The video otherwise talks about quality-of-life adjustments and balance tweaks coming in the next smaller patch, hints at upcoming events, and takes up some community questions. The complete video is waiting below.

source: YouTube
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