Profane’s latest reveal zeroes in on a new tameable mount


Who’s that Pokemon? It’s not, it’s Profane’s latest creature feature, the Alyacaw, a new critter that will be in the game and the subject of the game’s most recent Twitter thread. Those following the game’s development should know by now that it loves its Twitter thread info dumps.

The Alyacaw is a creature that players can find in the tropical forests of the world, with a penchant for pouncing on prey. The big feature of this beast is the fact that it can be tamed and turned into a mount, making it only the second such creature mount since the game’s pre-alpha. The process for doing so is noted as “no easy feat” with “very demanding maintenance,” but those who successfully corral the creature will get a mount with high velocity, good resistance, and an improved ability to sense danger.

For those who love Profane’s threads, this one closes with word that new postings will be shared every Thursday. For now, there’s a lot to be said about this new tameable monster.

source: Twitter
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