Blade & Soul’s May 11 update crowns an empress, opens a new dungeon, and brings back Horde and Gourd


Next week sees a new chapter arrive to the Earthen Realm of Blade & Soul. The New Empires update launches on Wednesday, May 11th, bringing with it a new step forward in the game’s story, a new dungeon, and a returning event.

Headlining the patch is the Act 12 Interlude that will see the game’s narrative bridge the gap between Act 11’s conclusion and Act 12’s start (hence interlude), as players will get to witness the coronation of a new empress. “We’re at a turning point where everything is possible,” promises the update announcement.

Of course, watching someone get a fancy bit of jewelry on her head isn’t all that’s on tap, as a new Hall of Trials dungeon with new weapons for players is also opening, and the Horde and Gourd event that was part of last July’s update is coming back, this time with the opportunity to earn extra ticket currency for completing daily challenges between now and May 11th.

In addition to these features, the update will introduce another round of item and system updates, bringing a new weapon tier, new enchantment system, new Soul and Pet Aura tier, and more. Information about what’s coming down the pike is expected soon, but for now players have a coronation date to mark on their calendars.

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