V Rising’s spiders are upsetting enough to prompt players to ask for an arachnophobia mode


Spider enemies are something of a staple for video games of all stripes, which likely makes it challenging for those with genuine arachnophobia to play many titles. Apparently, the spider foes found in V Rising are some of the more triggering ones, prompting some players to beseech developer Stunlock Studios to introduce an arachnophobia mode.

The request was started by one player by the name of Simonokles on the game’s Discord, who called attention to one boss by the name of Ungora the Spider Queen and her lair’s related enemies, which caused his friend some distress and prompted his suggestion. “[P]eople with phobias are not only afraid, they panic. With such a setting, the people who need it can still enjoy the game,” he reasons. “The visual appearance does not have to suffer as a result of such settings.”

The idea ticked off a tinderbox of discussion with what reads like a 50/50 split of people in support of the option and others arguing that a gothic horror game without spiders misses the point. Others are suggesting that mod support for V Rising would simply let players fix the problem; the game currently has no mod support and no planned mod support has been announced thus far. As with most online “discussions,” things devolved to a point where a mod archived the thread and closed it.

Meanwhile, Stunlock is continuing to crow about V Rising’s first big week of early access with an infographic of activity to date. Just be wary of the game’s spiders; apparently they are pretty upsetting.

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