The Division 2 hands out compensation for last week’s character progress rollback


At the very end of May we reported on character progression rollback measures taken by The Division 2 as a result of an XP earnings bug that was advancing characters a bit too quickly, and while losing all of that progress certainly sucks, the devs are hoping to make amends with a bit of compensatory offerings.

Players are being granted caches full of blue, green, and grey materials, field recon data, printer filaments, SHD calibration, and exotic materials. Players will receive one such cache for every 20 levels that were lost as a result of the rollback, and caps for these various materials have been raised in order to account for all the free stuff landing in player character pockets.

Those who were affected by the bug should be seeing their goodies in their in-game mail today. If there isn’t enough space in said inbox, additional boxes will wait in a queue to arrive. Players are further being warned against opening all caches at once, as excess materials being granted will simply disappear into the digital ether.

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