Fallout 76 launches the Test Your Metal update and A Dread Island Tale today


Happy update day to everyone in Fallout 76 except the Mothman! Bethsoft is rolling out the Test Your Metal (not a typo) update today, along with season 9’s A Dread Island Tale. Test Your Metal includes three new public events for the game, including the eponymous one.

“The Brotherhood of Steel is sending a Field Team to investigate the Rust Eagles, a group of Blood Eagles, who have been stockpiling spare robot parts to construct an army of combat bots. This event appears on the map at the Metal Dome, north of Fort Atlas in the Savage Divide. Speak with Initiate Pappas to begin. Survive three rounds with three other members of the Brotherhood Field Team against the opposing team of the Rust Eagles’ machines. Earn loot, XP, and rare rewards, including plans to craft the new Botsmith Armor set.”

The other two events – Eviction Notice and Moonshine Jamboree – ask players to protect the Rad Scrubber from super mutants and scavenge Acidic Gulper Venom for Moonshiner Ned, respectively, while Heart of Steel: A Dread Island Tale offers players the chance to score bone-themed items and the Dread Island bundle itself. If you’re reading this, the whole shebang is already live.

Source: Press release
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