Temtem previews changes to campaign progression and Luma Tems made in its launch build

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With Temtem slowly making its way to its 1.0 release on Saturday, September 6th, the devs at Crema have elected to kick off what it’s calling “Golden Week” – a series of dev blogs that outline changes being made to the critter catching MMORPG’s launch version.

The first of these posts details adjustments made to campaign progression and rare Luma Tems. On the campaign progression front, Temtem will now feature fewer mandatory trainer encounters, several adjustments to XP earnings across the entire game, a new XP bonus for those who play in co-op, and an overall reduction in NPC dialogue.

As for Lumas (aka shinies in popular Pokemon parlance), players will have a slightly better chance at finding such a creature, while Lumas will also be seeing a stat bump. Other Luma-adjacent mechanic changes are coming as well, including tweaks to the Radar item that helps players find Lumas and a new Soulbinder item that lets players apply Telomere Hotfixes to Lumas.

In other Temtem news, an interview with game director Guillermo Andrades talks about some of the difficulties the team had in bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch, noting that FPS caps and special loading tricks are being used in order to keep the game as close as possible to versions found on more powerful gaming systems.

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