Zenith claims VR MMO is doing ‘fantastic,’ addresses gliding controversy


Virtual reality MMORPG Zenith claims it’s doing “fantastic” in the months following the game’s release.

“Since we launched the patch, we’ve seen our peak concurrency numbers roughly double and sustain at a much higher level than before,” the devs reported. “We’ve seen our new users per day double from pre-launch.”

However, all is not virtual roses in this gaming garden. Drastic changes made in the game’s most recent update to address a gliding exploit have angered the community, as players had come to enjoy the quirks of near-unlimited gliding. The team defended the changes in the best interests of the long-term viability for the title, making some concessions that a proper flight system might be in the works.

“We know how much y’all want a feature that properly allows folks to fly in the game, so we’ll be noodling on how to introduce a limited flying feature sometime in the future,” the devs said.

Source: Zenith
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