Players offer new estimate for the price of capping out a Diablo Immortal character

You aren't fun!

It is quite telling and a bit sad, my fellow dungeon divers, that since Diablo Immortal’s launch, nobody’s been discussing the actual gameplay — but rather the egregious and aggressive monetization that uses every trick in the book to vacuum money from a player’s wallet. The conversation around the business model of the mobile MMO doesn’t look like it’s going to die down any time soon, either, as new revelations keep emerging as to the scope of these predatory practices.

One player on reddit claims that the previously accepted number of $100,000 to fully cap out a character with max-level gems (which the original poster halved after launch) is actually in error in a different way. The poster claimed that the real amount is somewhere north of a half-million dollars, which is of course chump change to people such as you and I.

“Apparently there’s a hidden whale ‘mechanic’ when you upgrade a 5/5 star gem to level 10,” the poster noted. “Contrary to previous beliefs of needing 6 5/5 star gems to max out a character, which is not true due to awakening, you’ll need 36 5/5 star gems which all have to be upgraded to rank 10.”

In response to the high cost of these upgrades, one person quipped, “Do you guys not have offshore bank accounts?”

Source: Reddit. Thanks Yrys!
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