ESA announces plans for E3 2023 in late June organized by ReedPop

Oh good.

Is the third time the charm? We’ll find out with E3 next year, apparently, because the ESA is pledging right now that the event will return in E3 under the management of ReedPop. You may recognize that particular name as the company behind organizing the various PAX conventions as well as New York Comic Con and the Star Wars Celebration events, so you can have at least some idea of what to expect from this particular convention.

You may recall that E3 2022 was billed as a return to an in-person event before it got moved to an all-digital event once more, followed shortly by its outright cancellation. The ESA has not been having a clean run with the event for the past few years, in other words. Media registration is slated to begin for the event itself in late 2022, with the slate of publishers and studios attending promised for reveals leading up to the event. Let’s see if 2023 is the year of E3, then.

Source: Press release
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