Genshin Impact’s latest 3.0 update preview takes players through the rainforests and deserts of Sumeru


Genshin Impact is once again hoping to get its players excited about the upcoming 3.0 update with a new preview video, this time focusing on the rainforest and desert locations that players will discover as they explore the Sumeru region.

The video offers the usual variety of scenic flybys of lush forests, humid treescapes, eroded rock formations, and dusty ruins, while the devs talk about the art direction and inspiration for Sumeru’s two biomes. The video also offers a preview of some major cities that can be found in Sumeru and hints at a few of the quests players will have to take on as they visit these areas.

The Sumeru region is just one major part of what’s shaping up to be a sizeable update, which will also introduce new characters, a new Dendro element, additional gameplay mechanics in Sumeru that let players change some of the plant life, and a lot of new story beats involving the recently unmasked Fatui Harbingers.

source: YouTube
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