Mech shooter Galahad 3093 launches final beta today, plans early access launch on September 1


Simutronics, a company previously known for a couple of MUDs, decided to take a completely surprising tangent into the team-based hero shooter sub-genre with Galahad 3093, which lets players command Arthurian legend-styled customizable robot suits known as Lances and duke it out in team battle. The studo first announced plans to run an open beta in March 2021, with several additional open beta rounds rolling on since then, the most recent of which happening in May. We even took it out for a quick test run in a February stream.

Today, July 28th, is marking the very last open beta phase for the shooter, which will see testing run between now and Monday, August 8th. This latest beta build promises more Lance customization, dynamic events on maps including one involving a giant sandworm, better audio, and banners for victorious players to raise.

Once the last beta phase is complete, Galahad 3093 will make its early access debut on Thursday, September 1st. The length of time for this early access period was not part of the announcement, but Simutronics CEO David Whatley has promised that the team is “committed to building the definitive mech shooter experience alongside and hand-in-hand with [its] community.”

source: press release
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