RuneScape’s fresh start worlds are being delayed to September 26 in order to adjust to player feedback


When RuneScape unveiled its fresh start worlds feature, it received a great deal of player feedback, prompting Jagex to write a follow-up that outlines several adjustments and explanations, while also confirming that fresh start worlds’ release date is delayed to Monday, September 26th.

Some of the adjustments being made include rebalancing XP earnings, making sure rewards from these worlds become available again in the future, limiting the buying and selling of subscription-granting bonds in the first eight weeks, and letting existing subscribers change a subscription bond into a 14-day membership to use on an alt among other tweaks.

The work needed to make these changes will ultimately mean fresh start worlds are being pushed back, but it should also result in a better and more balanced method of play for new and old players alike.

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