Red Dead Online has an in-game equestrian group that’s over 1,600 players strong

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Most of the time riding a horse in Red Dead Online will result in getting where you need to go at best and finding your character getting into hilarious accidents at worst. However, there is one group of players that fosters a deep love and appreciation for these in-game mounts: Say hello to The Rift Trails, a group of equestrian fans that counts 1,690 horse-loving players among its membership.

This particular group of RDO players come together in their own custom modded server for various horse-centric activities like trail rides, photography, and horse-jumping courses. The custom server also allows players to be horse ranchers or even horses themselves if they so choose. The Rift Trails has been going strong for two years and has reportedly been growing steadily with a carefully moderated and curated community, even as Rockstar has put the kibosh on major updates and players bemoan the game’s death.

The transformation of rough-and-tumble Wild West murder blender into a comfy and homey place for horse lovers to gather is an interesting twist and is one well worth a look in to, even if to revel in how a community can change an online game wholesale.

source: PC Gamer
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