Atomic Heart teases a Bioshock-like journey through an alternate USSR


In Atomic Heart, a new first-person shooter from Mundfish, the clock is rewound back to the 1950s and players are shuttled into an alternate universe where the Soviet Union ended up with advanced technology after World War II.

But not all is cozy and peaches in this mighty USSR: The “utopian dream” is on the verge of unraveling, and players will need to investigate the “dark underbelly” to find out the truth.

Atomic Dreams definitely sports a Bioshock vibe with its setting, robots, and retro-futurist technology. Supposedly the shooter will boast PvP multiplayer and possibly co-op, with a release by the end of the year. As of February, PC Gamer reported the potential for multiplayer, which is why it’s on our radar:

“Atomic Heart’s story is designed to be played solo, but the devs say they’re ‘thinking about co-op mode.’ They’ve kept schtum about what exactly they’re planning. They’ve revealed more concrete plans for PvP multiplayer. ‘If you are ready to challenge other players, a secret railway will get you to a special region meant for PvP battle,’ reads the game’s website.”

However, the game’s Steam page still lists it as single-player, and the Discord community is extremely skeptical that it will ever have multiplayer, let alone at launch, but the possibility makes it one we’ll keep an eye on. Get a feel for this unique world with the trailers below:

Source: Steam, VG247
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