Black Desert Mobile’s new update lets players raise a fairy and join in on an otter war

Two words to describe this patch: VERY ADORBS


That headline might seem bonkers if it were referring to any game other than Black Desert Mobile, but it is, so let’s take a moment to talk about the intensely diverse content on offer in the game’s latest patch, shall we?

The headlining attraction is the addition of a fairy companion that provides stat boosts as well as introduces a whole system through which players can house, raise, and improve their fairy. The fairy starts as a very small (and extremely UwU) Fuzzy Baby Fairy that can be first earned through a quest and then tended to in the fairy house placed in a camp.

Nurturing the little spring involves engaging with it in various activities, which in turn increases its various stats, traits, personality, and abilities. Once players have the kind of fairy they want, they can attempt to blossom their baby fairy into an adult, opening up more skills and activities as well as benefits for their character.

On top of the fairy raising content, the patch opens up a limited-time event that sees players picking either side of two warring otter factions and duking it out in the Sandcastle Shore-down battlefield. While engaging in this event, players will transform into their chosen otter race and take up one of three classes – priest, wizard, or warrior – to earn as many rank points as possible by killing enemies or destroying sand castles. There’s a whole lot of unique going on in this patch, so fire up your mobile device and take a look.

sources: press release, official site
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