Ravendawn deep-dives card system ahead of September 28 closed beta


Ravendawn is continuing to herald the coming of its September closed beta, which will be making a host of previously noted updates to the Open Tibia-built MMORPG. One of those updates is related to the game’s Ravencard system, which was given a far-reaching dev blog that details these changes.

The final release of Ravendawn will introduce 192 Ravencards – two cards for each of the game’s spells instead of 50 Ravencards that could be applied to any spell. Furthermore, these new spell-specific cards apply more distinct benefits above and beyond “boring” bonuses to players. The post also offers some brief details about changes to archetype spells and passives, and promises more dev blogs in the near future.

It should be noted that not all of these updates will arrive to the upcoming closed beta on September 28th, but they are planned for open beta and launch. If you’re curious about the high-level dive into this system’s adjustments, the blog post is worth a read.

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