ArcheAge adds new seasonal reward track, runs a defense raid event


Kakao pushed out kitchen sink-style patches for the two versions of ArcheAge this week. Both received roughly the same adjustments, as the studio is adding another bridge in the Ynystere Fortress, allowing players to mercifully mute their bad music playing skills, and improving freshwater fishing.

The non-Unchained version of the game also got a new ArchePass progression track that will run from now through November 24th. The 40 ranks of this pass include both free and premium items, including locked crates (for the free track) and keys to those crates (for the paid track). We see what you did there.

ArcheAge is also running a Dimensional Boundary Defense Raid event through October 16th that tosses out participation rewards — and extra winner loot — to those who dive into that activity.

And just as a reminder, the land rush for ArcheAge Unchained ‘s new fresh start servers begins in just a couple of days.

Source: ArcheAge, 2
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