Retro-styled roguelike MMO Mythic releases on September 29


We’ve been keeping tabs on Mythic for the past few months now. Readers will remember the pixel-art roguelike MMO from Abyssal Studios LLC. first flew into our radar in June. The game released a free demo in July and then announced its release date was being pushed back to September 29th. Now, the studio has put out an announcement confirming that launch date is holding fast.

Mythic casts players into a procedurally generated “infinite labyrinth” that features biomes based on the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and order (it’s an element in the game’s world don’t question it) where each element is its own roguelite experience. Each room in the maze promises to have challenges and puzzles that are constantly changing and epic boss fights, character progression is done by following elemental skill trees and the using over 70 magical items, and while there is no permadeath, defeat will bring characters back to the start of the biome they’re currently exploring.

source: press release
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