Ashes of Creation shares a video preview of alpha two’s updated ranged attacks


Galaxy brains know that taking out an enemy from a distance – ideally without being noticed first – is the way to go. For those who are following Ashes of Creation and who like to start their MMORPG fights with a well-placed arrow shot, the game’s latest preview video is for you and your big, juicy brain.

The footage comes from the game’s alpha two build, and after about four minutes’ worth of preamble involving a hood’s ear slits and Steven Sharif accidentally aggroing a whole bunch of mobs, the video breaks down some of the new ranged abilities on offer, the effects of different weapon types on basic attacks – the longbow as an example lets players charge up basic attacks for more power – and how switching from tab-target mode to mouselook mode changes the dynamic of ranged combat. It’s an overall unfiltered look at being a bow-using badass that awaits below the break.

source: YouTube
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