Mortal Online 2 puts out a call for players to join a server-stressing large scale battle October 6


Would you like to get into a big ol’ fight in Mortal Online 2? Then you’re cordially invited to one this Thursday, October 6th, at 3:00 p.m. EDT, just outside of Meduli. Or maybe you’re not cordially invited and instead invites are sent out via headbutts. I don’t know how PvP in this game works.

This call to action isn’t just being sent out in the interest of naked aggression, as it will also be a server stress test to see how the game deals with a high volume of players in one location ahead of its upcoming large scale wars and sieges content, so the hope is to gather as close to 400 players as possible. Speaking of naked aggression, players are invited to just simply arrive without armor if they fear losing their equipment; just showing up is enough to provide needed data according to the announcement.

The server stressing rumble will be part of MO2’s livestream, where Star Vault CEO Henrik Nystrom will be on hand to answer player questions and even give away a Steam key. Also, there’s that whole big battle to be had.

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