Fractured Online fixes more bugs and introduces world events with its latest patch


The new patch that has just arrived to Fractured Online heralds additions and fixes. Sure enough, that’s exactly what’s happening in the sandbox MMORPG, as the patch has indeed taken out some more bugs and added something for players to do in the form of world events.

The planets of Terra and Aerhen now will see world events involving a variety of enemy camps to clear for “awesome” loot. Characters on Terra will have to contend with bandits, druidic ogres, grokotons(?), and Termidians, while Aerhen characters will see goblin and bandit camps arrive; more events for Aerhen will arrive once improvements to the Jotunn Mountains are made.

As for the fixes portion of the patch, that addresses a long-standing issue with spells and attacks failing when a character moves, removes rocks that were blocking access to some bridges, and reduces the duration of Death Bargain among other things. Additions and fixes. That’s the name of the game.

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