Project Gorgon unloads a huge October update with zone reworks and Necro changes


Just in case you thought that the Project Gorgon team was taking it easy this fall, we welcome you to dive into the never-ending wall of text that is the October patch notes.

The hefty update kicks off with reworks to two of the game’s zones — Eltibule and Kur Mountains — and continues to the ability for Necromancers to summon skeletons outside of graveyards. Other changes include the ability to mount as a butterfly or bat, adjustments to AoE effects, “relatively small” tweaks to the Mentalism skill line, and a treasure cap for uneven active skills.

The team said that it made a new UI feature available as an option: “We’re working on a new selection UI, and in this update you can start helping us test it (if you want to)! The new UI changes the way that selected objects are highlighted and the way their information is displayed when they are selected.”

Source: Patch notes
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