Ashes of Creation allows players to harvest any tree, rock, or bush in the world


After testing through Ashes of Creation’s first alpha and scouting out what other MMOs are up to, Intrepid Studios is making a few significant adjustments to its resource gathering system.

In its latest livestream, Intrepid said that players will soon have the ability to harvest every tree or rock in the world rather than hunting around for specific “choppable” trees. A specific surveying tool will allow adventurers to scan an area to discover where the best resources lie.

The team thinks that players will be “pleasantly surprised and excited” to see what it’s done to the gathering system for Alpha Two. Other changes include one-button harvesting, co-op gathering, falling tree physics, plants that grow only during certain seasons, rocks with ore hidden inside, and resources that “grow” back on the map after being harvested. This means that players won’t be able to deforest the entire game and make the Lorax sad.

Source: YouTube
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