Dungeons and Dragons Online releases Update 57 Grip of the Hidden Hand today – here are the patch notes

It seems to have an invisible touch, yeah


Today marks a new content update for Dungeons and Dragons Online with the arrival of Update 57: Grip of the Hidden Hand, bringing a new quest pack and a variety of gameplay mechanic updates to the MMORPG.

The update’s title is loaned from the quest pack of the same name, which continues the story of the Planar Eyes with five new quests for levels 16 in heroic and 33 in legendary. The quest pack is available for free to those who are subscribed to the game or will have to be bought from the DDO Store.

The new patch otherwise adds a variety of mechanical updates to the game: A new Imbue toggle for all classes that adds extra damage to attacks is now available, hit points have been adjusted in classes and enhancement trees to better support newer players and heroic level melee characters, a lineup of bug fixes have been applied, and other general updates have been made to monsters, falconry, and moving through shallow water.

source: official site, thanks DDO Central for the tip!
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