Albion Online continues to ramp up Mists rewards, preps per-character sub fee hike


Are you ready for even more rewards from doing things in the Mists of Albion Online? Then the sandbox MMORPG’s latest hotfix is right up your alley, as it brings a second round of earlier detailed reward improvements for the Mists like more mythical creature spawns, more enchanted wisps, double the requirements and rewards of mob camp objectives, and smaller arcane spiderling monsters that don’t award guild might levels for a related crystal spider objective but do grant the same might and favor that the larger spiders would.

While more rewards are certainly nice, something else is going to be rising too: the prices of subscriptions. The price hike was first announced in October and then outlined in the beginning of November; it’ll see a 30-day subscription rise in price from $12 a month to $15 a month. In addition, gold prices are also being hiked indirectly as gold packs will have less gold in them.

We hasten to point out that these subscription prices are per character and not per account, and the in-game boosts for subscribers are pretty significant, especially for those who take farming and crafting seriously. The new price structure takes effect on Monday, November 28th, but those who lock in their subscriptions at current rates will maintain those prices so long as the subscription stays active.

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