RuneScape outlines December’s quest and events, Old School RuneScape opens the Garden of Death


One game’s festive, the other game’s unashamedly aggressive. They’re RuneScape and Old School RuneScape respectively, and both games have offered up information about what’s coming and what’s available now, whether you’re looking to celebrate the holiday season or think visiting a Garden of Death is a good time.

The month of December in RuneScape is bringing a whole lot of merry good times with the return of the Advent Calendar, the reopening of Santa’s Grotto, the launch of a thematically appropriate new Yak Track, and an upcoming new wrapping paper holiday quest. December will also herald the final quest of the Legacy of Zamorak storyline called Succession. Dates and details of all of December’s goodies are outlined in the post.

As for OSRS, this week brings the aforementioned Garden of Death for players to “enjoy,” as well as improved XP rewards for master and grandmaster quests, expanded combat achievements, and another series of Poll 77 changes like improved boosts to clue scroll drop rates and the ability for Iron players to sell and buy ores at fixed prices.

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