Ashes of Creation previews alpha two’s cleric and day/night cycle in new video


Whether you draw your power from the heavens or like to look up at them as they loom overhead in the sky, the latest video preview out of Ashes of Creation has something for you, as it provides some Alpha Two footage of the cleric archetype and the game’s day/night cycle, complete with constellations in the night sky.

The cleric is described by the devs as a more reactive class in terms of its healing skills, though it also has some predictive skills that players can use to anticipate bigger incoming damage to friendly targets. The preview granted a look at some party synergy by way of a stagger status effect, which in turn lets clerics use an ability to stun foes. Some cleric abilities can also damage foes and grant a resource known as conviction that makes the next heal stronger.

The preview video also takes a moment to speed up time in order to showcase the transition from day to night, followed by a gaze at the night sky in order to take in the ambience and find constellations that dot the heavens. It’s just over 40 minutes of adventuring, demonstration, and stargazing, all of which awaits after the cut.

source: YouTube
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