Star Wars Galaxies emu Dark Rebellion uses integrated D20 systems for ‘complex and immersive adventures’


Roleplaying in MMORPGs is very often an additive experience that’s hammered into the existing framework of the game, not baked in to its entire mechanical operation. However, that apparently isn’t the case for Star Wars Galaxies emulator Dark Rebellion, which describes itself as a game specifically built for roleplay.

Dark Rebellion lauds the use of integrated D20-based skill systems that use turn-based strategy similar to tabletop gaming instead of SWG’s gameplay mechanics in combat, as well as skill point gains being earned through roleplay. The emu also talks up immersive animation playback, customizable worlds, and how players won’t need to grind for XP or pay for buffs. “Everything exists to serve the narrative that you and the DM weave,” the emu’s website heralds.

The game is in beta as of this past November; Just this week, the player devs have touted the game’s rebuilt custom launcher. Those who are curious about this new way to experience SWG can either check out the website linked above or watch the introductory video below.

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