Lineage II launches several events across all three versions of the ARPG


The three flavors of Lineage II – that is to say the original game, Aden, and Classic – are all awash with events starting this week, so if you’ve got a hankering for things like dungeon delves, creepy clowns, or frozen canyons, consider your interests served.

The original MMO is hosting the Cablena Doll event, which sees monsters in the Aden territory drop Cablena Doll Fragments that can be used for special crafted consumables. In Classic, the Frozen Canyon event invites players into the titular location through the hunting zone UI to take on unique beasts for various special rewards and special craft materials.

Finally, Aden has two events going on in the form of the Harnak’s Underground Maze and the Leona’s Dungeon event, which offer goodies like XP buffs, extra XP earnings, and additional rewards through daily missions.

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