Atlas plans an Xbox crossplay PTS, adds bunnies for Lunar New Year


Studio Wildcard’s Grapeshot Games is joining the list of MMO studios rolling out a lucky red carpet for Lunar New Year, although Atlas’ next update is largely cosmetic in nature, as it consists mostly of statues and skins on the holiday vendors. It sounds like the company is a bit busy fixing Xbox issues:

“To start off the new year right, we are reinforcing our commitment to better supporting our Xbox community,” the team writes. “Unfortunately, there have been several game breaking issues affecting Xbox players recently. To that end, our primary focus for this patch is getting out a fix so that Xbox players can log into the game without crashing. There is still a lot more we need to do to improve the Xbox experience, but we are taking the steps needed to get us back on track. Additional improvements and fixes will follow in subsequent patches. We have opened a new crossplay compatible Public Test Realm (PTR) so that Xbox players can also participate in testing out patches prior to them being implemented on live servers.”

Players can fill out the form to join the PTR, and then check out the rest of the patch notes, which center on bug fixes. Just note that this impending update was meant to launch yesterday and was postponed once already.

Atlas, of course, was intended to be a massive pirate-themed MMO but has lingered in early access now for years with an ever-dwindling playerbase.

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