Wayfinder drops lore blog ahead of next week’s beta testing

Reveal to me your secrets! Please.

One of our most-anticipated releases of 2023 is preparing for another round of closed beta tests. Wayfinder reiterated that it’s planning its first PlayStation and second PC beta for next week. “We are excited to announce that our first PlayStation test and our second PC test will take place next week!” the studio reminds players.

Aside from actually signing up for a chance at a beta key, one way that you can prepare for the onset of Wayfinder is to read a new lore piece about the Precursors who influenced this strange world.

“In Wayfinder, you are one of Omen’s Seekers. You came to the Broken Coast following a thread of mystery… little knowing the cataclysm that lay ahead and the role you would play in the apocalyptic battle against the Gloom,” the post reads.

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