Fans are reviving – and localizing – the long-shuttered Dragon’s Dogma MMO from Japan

Probably more friendly than Dragon's Catma.

Most people likely only know about Dragon’s Dogma as the source of a rad song that’s been featured in memes. Few folks probably know about the original RPG and even fewer about the related MMO Dragon’s Dogma Online; this Japan-only title shut down in December 2019 despite hopes that the game would make its way to western players. Now, after four years of sunset, that reality appears to be coming to pass, and it’s thanks to a fan-built private server project.

The headquarters for this private server development is housed within the Wyrm Hunt Discord, which notes that the project is being spearheaded by a “small group of fans” who are not accepting any donations of any sort. While multiplayer is working, the head of this project notes that it has “bare minimum functionality” and that there are “many bugs and unfinished features” in the server. Additionally, the folks behind it have no roadmap right now and say that development could take years to conclude.

Even so, the old MMO is indeed playable and is even being translated from Japanese to English by those building the private server. There’s also a series of gameplay videos from one YouTuber by the name of Zuhl, whose latest upload offers a peek at the server’s 40th revision. For those who dearly miss this obscure bit of MMO gaming history, it apparently can be relived after a fashion.

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