The Daily Grind: Do you have any regrets about your past behavior in MMOs?

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A few weeks ago, Justin and I answered a question on the MOP Podcast about bad habits engendered by MMOs, and both of us mentioned regretting absorbing the greed that MMOs teach us. But I have a few other regrets about things I did in MMOs too!

For example, I know I used to add pressure on guildies to put the game and their play time with the group ahead of their real lives. I can look back and see why I did it; I was frustrated that people would plan multi-timezone events only to have a key player blow off everyone to go see a movie or something. But it was still a bad lesson for me as a leader and friend to instill. Likewise, I am usually pretty chill about loot in MMOs (and my guild has a reputation for accidentally letting things decay on the corpse as we try to convince someone to take it), but there was one endgame raid a million years ago when I absolutely went off on an off-tank for rolling need on tank gear our main tank needed so the off-tank could (his words) “use it for PvP.” Chill Bree did not exist that day after a stressful day of video game cat-herding. I wasn’t wrong, but I wish I’d handled it more diplomatically within the right alliance channels instead of roasting the dude on voice chat.

Do you have any regrets about your past behavior in MMOs?

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