Developers of upcoming PC and mobile online RPG Project D detail planned gameplay features


One of the games we touched on in a recent MOP Up post was Project D, an in-development multiplayer online RPG from developer Hound 13, which is made up of several core devs from Dragon Nest. In that report we basically got a quick gameplay trailer, but the devs have since shed more light on the game, outlining some overall gameplay mechanics and ideas.

Project D itself is being classified as an “open world action MORPG” that the developers hope will be taken as an independent title despite is many visual nods to Dragon Nest. The overall thrust of Project D is “play together,” with an open world that lets players form parties to take on bosses or dungeons. Fighting will make use of an action combat model similar to Hound 13’s mobile title Hundred Soul, with players climbing giant monsters, breaking super armor, and applying abnormal conditions, along with forming a party of NPCs that team up to form synergies similar to Genshin Impact.

What isn’t elaborated on is when Project D will be releasing and where, so players are probably going to need to sit on their hands in the meantime. At the very least, the general shape of the game is just that little bit clearer now.

source: MMO Culture via Reddit
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