Lost Ark says it’s reversed false bans even as players report Steam accounts still flagged


Last week, Amazon took one hell of a banhammer to Lost Ark, smashing so many bots that players noticed the drop in concurrency and the company had to explain away the drop. But over the weekend, it became clear that more than just bots had been hammered into paste; players discovered that some lapsed but non-cheater accounts were affected too.

Amazon acknowledged the “error” that “triggered” a wave of false bans and said it was working on reversing them, and as of yesterday, it said those reversals had been completed.

“All bans related to this incident have been reversed, both for the Lost Ark game and Steam accounts, and will be removed without penalty shortly,” the studio says. “If for any reason you have persisting issues, please reach out to Customer Support.”

However, while most gamers are sorted now, some players are still reporting that their Steam accounts remain flagged as having been banned in Lost Ark, which shows on players’ Steam profiles and can potentially affect other games. Steam apparently won’t remove the flag unilaterally, meaning it’s on Amazon to make it right. Current thinking on the issue is that it might take a few days more on Steam, but if your account isn’t fixed by then, make sure you’re pounding on Amazon’s CS door.

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