EVE Online marks Lunar New Year with store bundles, events, and Simplified Chinese support


It’s the year of the rabbit, and EVE Online is choosing to celebrate the occasion by asking people to buy stuff: The EVE Store has two thematic special packs full of Omega time, PLEX, and boosts, while the New Eden Store brings back Dragon Phoenix ship skins.

Luckily it’s not only cash shop things, as Chinese players who are on Tranquility as opposed to the game’s usual Chinese server can now see in-game text in Simplified Chinese. The game’s store is also allowing Union Pay as an approved payment processor, just in case those players feel like opening their wallets.

Finally, the Lunar New Year is being marked with login rewards available between now and January 31st, a red star orbital stash hunt, and a community team roam on January 20th.

Source: EVE Online. Cheers, Wilhelm!
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