ArcheAge has launched a limited-time collaboration with designer furniture maker Nouhaus


Collaborations often make for some very strange bedfellows but even we have to admit to some surprise when we learned that ArcheAge and designer furniture creator Nouhaus have clapped hands for a special in-game event.

The one-time quest tied to this event starts off by speaking with a Tired Worker NPC (mood), while the reward for the mission in question is recovered labor points and a special Nouhaus Box that awards Manastorm Crystals. For those who want “wisdom-infused seating” in their game, there’s also a Nouhaus Relaxation Bundle in the game’s marketplace that gives players a bunch of Nouhaus furniture, a cosmetic item, and an extra Nouhaus Box. All of this fancy seating stuff will disappear on February 2nd.

In other, less furniture-related AA news, the latest patch for both versions applies a fix for NPCs that don’t render when there are a lot of players in the area, adds a new melee/ranged attacker raid role option, and applies a host of quality-of-life improvements.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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