Old School RuneScape celebrates 10 years with a cake-centered quest full of new cosmetic rewards


When someone has a birthday, it’s customary to make a birthday cake, and Old School RuneScape is most certainly no different, as cake is the prime focus of the MMORPG’s 10th anniversary, which brings a quest centered around a “cake-off” that players can participate in for spiffing new rewards.

From now until March 15th, players can take up this quest to help Patty Seer in an event that’s described by one of the devs as “a real feel-good story” that hopes to bring a nostalgic smile to fans. It will also bring a host of cosmetic rewards as well, like a cake hat, a dragon candle weapon, balloon decorations, several celebratory sweaters, and a new emote among other cosmetic goodies. The devs of Jagex will also be celebrating the anniversary in a livestream tomorrow, February 23rd.

Obviously the anniversary celebration is the tentpole attraction of this week’s patch, but it also brings other updates like more Wilderness boss fixes, the opening of the Dragon Slayer II quest to speedrunning worlds, and a host of other general updates. But mostly it’s all about cake.

sources: press release, official site
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