Lord of the Rings Online wraps up another leg of update 35 testing with revamp of The Last Homely House


Even as the spring festival begins today, Lord of the Rings Online’s devs are back on Bullroarer testing update 35: The Return to Carn Dûm. The third beta for this update closes out tonight, but you’ve still got a little bit of time to check out changes to the Warden and Captain classes, the power revamp, and of course, Angmar Reborn: Carn Dûm itself. Standing Stone also says that it’s given a “beautiful makeover” to Elrond’s house.

New in this leg of testing are tweaks to the Beorning’s Desperate Shouts trait, reduced power costs for Brawlers, nerfs to core Burglar skills, another wide-ranging pass on Cappy skills, a nerf to the Minstrel’s Chord of Salvation, and several animation and level-based alterations for Wardens. We also spy weeklies in the Ettenmoors, a physics pass on multiple encounters, and “three new carry-alls called War-spoil’s Carry-all for both players and monster players.” (Hi SSG, please put all the existing carry-alls in the cash shop too. Just take all our money.)

We were most curious about that “beautiful makeover” in Rivendell; one player named Buttertart posted a ton of pics of The Last Homely House with basically the same layout and all new lighting and decor, while Redditor WeirdJediLotro did a post with comparison shots.

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