Headstart for Albion Online’s new Albion East server has officially begun


If you purchased one of Albion Online’s new founder packs, you’re embarking on a new journey today, as you’ll be entering the headstart phase of the game’s Albion East server catering to players in Asia and Oceania. If you’re willing to put up with a bit of latency, it’s also a chance for a true fresh start in the game on a clean server.

“Along with offering a new start in Albion, the new server offers faster connection speeds and optimized event times for players throughout the region,” Sandbox Interactive says. “The game’s original server, now called Albion West, remains active, and both servers share the same free-to-play model with an optional per-character subscription. Players can use one account to access both servers. The servers are not region-locked, and all players worldwide are free to play on either or both. Both servers have the same game client and game content.”

Do note that the full release is still set for Monday, March 20th, which is when free-to-play players can access it.

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