VR MMO Zenith drops support for PS VR1 and Quest 1 headsets


Zenith, which still hasn’t fulfilled its Kickstarter promise to fully launch on PC, is already discontinuing functionality for older VR headsets – specifically the PS VR1 and the Quest 1. Ramen VR says needing to support these older devices was “hindering [its] development” of the 1.3 Skyward Summit patch.

“After much consideration, we have made the hard decision to stop supporting certain legacy headsets. We know this news may come as a disappointment to some of our players who have been using these devices to experience the world of Zenith, and for that we apologize. Thankfully, with Zenith being a cross-platform game, you are able to continue playing with your characters on modern hardware now, or in the future. This means that starting with our upcoming patch 1.3 Skyward Summit, the new features and improvements will not be available for certain legacy devices. At 1.3 launch, these users will remain on Minor 1.2.2 with their own dedicated shards, and we will update this blog with the 1.3 launch date once confirmed.”

Ramen notes that the game will continue to run on the PS VR1, stuck on 1.2.2 forever, while Quest 1 players will find they can’t run the game at all after September 15th of this year.

“Currently, maintaining support for Quest 1 is impacting the quality and stability for Quest 2 (~98% of our Quest users have Quest 2 headsets), and we feel that this is the best course of action to be able to best serve the vast majority of our users,” the studio says.

Do note that players won’t lose their accounts and can log into them from other devices.

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