Old School RuneScape adds final batch of classic quests to speedrunning worlds and battles server issues

Yeah, that makes sense.

We’re seeing something of a last hurrah for Old School RuneScape players on the quest speedrunning worlds, as those servers are getting their last batch of classic quests this week, with the Dragon Slayer II and Black Knights’ Fortress quests now open to being destroyed in the fastest possible time. Speaking of fastest possible time, QSR worlds now have new diamond time goals for all of the existing quests; achieving these times will not award additional points, but getting all of the times does grant a unique in-game trophy for players’ main accounts.

While these are called a “final batch” by Jagex, the studio does point out that these servers aren’t going dark, but they will be seeing less frequent updates than before. As for the rest of the MMORPG, other updates applied this week include the proliferation of desert protection bonuses to additional items and a list of bug fixes.

In other OSRS news, connection issues began plaguing some of the game’s US servers yesterday, requiring a reboot of certain worlds that took things offline for about an hour before bringing the affected servers back online. This is on top of server problems that were occurring last week that were affecting US and EU worlds.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter
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