Star Wars The Old Republic opens its first cloud-based server for testing in the Asia-Pacific region

Shoot to wound!

Last week, Star Wars: The Old Republic announced plans to move its servers to newer cloud-based tech hosted by Amazon Web Services as part of a wider effort to “modernize and update the game with the focus to improve the player experience and optimize tech that is used by the team.” Readers might recall that the announcement also pointed out plans to launch a test server to see how things work, and that server has opened up for testing business today in the Asia-Pacific region.

This new server, named Shae Vizla, will remain open between now and April 18th and is looking to test how playing on it feels compared to the MMORPG’s existing servers. To that point, BioWare is asking players to share their impressions and provide ping data, and while the server is in the APAC region, and would definitely like feedback from players in that part of the globe, Shae Vizla is open to everyone; players simply select it from the list of servers and play like normal without any extra download.

Once testing is wrapped, the devs will collect feedback and use it to determine whether another test is needed or plans to move live servers to AWS will proceed, so needless to say, this test is an important one.

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