City of Heroes Homecoming is testing two new arcs and a Storm Blast powerset


If you know anything about me and City of Heroes, it’s probably that I have an absurdly huge number of storm characters. I just can’t stop myself from rolling new stormies because storm is just such a good powerset that synergizes so well with everything else (when the wielder knows what she’s doing, anyway). So consider me well and truly excited by the prospect of even more storm in the upcoming City of Heroes Homecoming patch, i.e., Issue 27, Page 6, now in testing on the rogue server set’s test server.

Storm Blast is, obviously, a primary blast set for Blasters, Corruptors, and Sentinels, and a secondary blast set for Defenders; you’ll be chucking even more wind, hail, and lightning.

There’s also plenty of new content on the way even for people who aren’t into Storm sets, including a new rogue and vigilante story arcs aiming at the 30-34 and 40-44 level bands, a revamp of weapon animation redraw, buffs for several blast sets (Psychic Blast and Assault Rifles in particular), new costume parts and custom weapons, new badges, new supergroup base items, new emotes, and tons of bug fixes.

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