Neverwinter fixes a long list of bugs and ‘substantially’ improves several healing companions


Have you been delving Menzoberranzan in Neverwinter and discovered some windows floating off of the sides of buildings there? Sure, the Drow might do things differently, but that’s also not how windows should work, and so the game’s latest patch has fixed that issue among a wide assortment of other things.

As one probably expects of a bug-fixing patch, the corrections are pretty granular in nature, touching on a variety of things like enemies no longer being pushed outside of a gameplay area, a boss remembering to use a skill, and a Drider House Captain balance pass. For those who are curious, the full notes outline all of the fixes.

The notes also outline several gameplay adjustments in general, with particular attention paid to a number of healing companions that have had all of their abilities “substantially improved.” The devs promise that further iteration is coming for healers, but hopes that the skill adjustments currently online will push things in the right direction.

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