Albion Online begins testing Knightfall midseason patch tomorrow – with WASD movement


Yesterday, Sandbox Interactive dropped patch notes for Albion Online Knightfall midseason patch, and it’s a doozy with a long list of tweaks. When the test servers are live tomorrow, players can expect per-character caches in mob camps to stop chest swiping, a new Mists dungeon called Knightfall Abbey, new Brecilien standing items, a gender swap buyable, a travel mode map, easier item repair, improved chat settings, tons of interface quality-of-life adjustements, more controller functionality, combat balancing, and WASD options for what is otherwise a heavily mouse-clicky isometric game.

“[Experimental] Added new hotkeys for character movement: “Walk Up”, “Walk Down”, “Walk Left”, “Walk Right”. These optional hotkeys are unbound by default. Keyboard movement was added due to being commonly requested, we’re looking forward to your feedback to this basic implementation.”

Whether you’re motivated by rewards, the desire to test content properly (hah yeah right), or the eagerness to get an advance look at Knightfall’s new content, public testing scheduled for April 21st has you covered.┬áTesting will run in 30 minute-long sections that span “several hours,” with 10-minute breaks in-between. One of these sections will require players to team up with someone, so fans are being urged to bring a friend along.

As for those aforementioned gold rewards, 1,700 gold will be doled out to each of the top three players who raked in the most valuable loot in each section and the top three players who earned the most PvP kills, followed by a 9,000 gold raffle at the end of the tests. Entries to this raffle will be handed out for each session testers join in on and for filling out tester surveys. Whatever your motivation, the next big content drop is just on the horizon.

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