Ashes of Creation shows off Alpha Two’s updated mage archetype in latest livestream


The excruciating but inexorable march to Alpha Two continues for Ashes of Creation as the game’s devs have once more come together for a look at new gameplay from the ever-developing alpha build. This time around, followers of the project have their eyes full of the mage archetype in action, with at least two of its four elements being shown off in-game.

The latest video offered up about 40 minutes’ worth of footage that zeroed in on the mage archetype’s individual abilities, their overall design, and the way that they can be combined to wreak magical havoc on the field, as the Alpha Two mage flung forth giant balls of electricity and rained ice down on the ground. The demonstration also showed off how the mage can dish out status effects, use ice mines to apply area denial, and even use a chain lighting spell to nail targets that would otherwise be out of line-of-sight.

The gameplay footage first premiered during the MMORPG’s latest developer livestream, which additionally had some player questions about the mage answered by creative director Steven Sharif. During this Q&A session, Sharif explained how AOC’s combination of tab-target and active combat works with the mage, confirmed that mixing elemental attacks is pretty much a hard requirement (no pure fire mage play, in other words), and elaborated on how skills that don’t require line of sight can be used in PvP. The mage preview and the full livestream await below the cut.

sources: YouTube, Twitch
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