Neverwinter’s RPG-in-a-RPG event starts this Thursday


One of the most unique in-game events in the MMO genre is making a return this week: Cryptic announced that it’s bringing back Neverwinter’s Day of the Dungeon Master for most of the month, from May 4th through the 25th.

Embracing the MMORPG’s tabletop roots, Day of the Dungeon Master challenges players to participate in a D&D-like game called Portobello DaVinci. Every day, players can be shrunk down to become a miniature that moves around through a fantasy board game. There are a few different dungeons to conquer as the weeks rotate — and rewards to match.

The two big chase rewards for 2023 are a Balgora mount and a Portobello DaVinci companion. Other rewards include vanity pets, cosmetics, and figurines.

One big change for this year? You won’t be verbally assaulted by NPCs: “The hecklers have been escorted off the table due to their insistence on using outdated class names.”

Source: Neverwinter
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