Diablo II: Resurrected exhumes Ladder Season 4 this week

Also new character slots for all!


As fans await the arrival of Diablo IV next month — next month, already?! — the other titles in this franchise continue to vie for some last-minute attention before they are cast aside for the shiniest new toy. The revamped Diablo II: Resurrection makes its play for some love with the release of this week’s Ladder Season 4.

“Ladder Season 4 will begin on May 4th, ushering in a new opportunity for brave adventurers to race to Level 99 and amass powerful loot along the way. We cannot wait to see which determined souls carve their name into the Leaderboard this time,” Blizzard said.

This season will come with four modes while wrapping up all of the characters and loot from Season 3.

Earlier this week, Diablo II: Resurrected trotted out Patch 2.7. This update added four character slots for online players, a free stat and skill point reset for previous Ladder characters, a more stringent chat filter, and a series of character, skill, and item tweaks.

Source: Diablo II
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